Sutherland TAFE Library Services

Subject Headings

Library resources are arranged by Dewey subject numbers

Art 700-709
Ceramics 738
Clay 738.12
Decoration & ornament 738.15 & 745.4
Decorative arts 745
Drawing 741-743
Glazes 738.127
Majolica 738.309
Painting & painters 750-759
Porcelain 738.2
Pottery craft 738.14
Prints 760-769
Raku pottery 738.1
Sculpture 730-735
Tiles 738.6

Useful Resources

The potter’s complete book of clay and glazes 738.1/CHAP

DeBOOS, Janet
Handbook for Australian potters 738.10994/DEBO

HAMER, Frank
The potter’s dictionary of materials and techniques 738.103/HAME

Folio Collection

Large size books are in the Folio collection. They are available for borrowing.


Magazines (periodicals) are a source of current information and kept in the Main Collection.
Search by periodical title in TAFEcat.

American craft 745.505/AMER

Art and Australia 705/ARTA

Australian beading 745.5942/AUST

Ceramic review 738.05/CERA

Ceramics monthly 738.05/CERA

Craft arts international 745.05/CRAF

Imprint 760.05/IMPR

Journal of Australian ceramics 738.05/POTT

Studio potter 738.05/STUD

Reference Collection

Encyclopaedias, dictionaries and directories are kept in Reference for
library use only.

BOGER, Louise Ade
The dictionary of world pottery and porcelain 738.203/BOGE

Australian sculptors 730.922/SCAR

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